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Welcome to DateTrade

DateTrade is a social web application that operates an online date auction. It combines the excitement of bidding with the aspirational nature of online dating. Ever wonder what it would feel like to have people bid for the chance to meet you for a date? You can experience the thrill on DateTrade. You control who has permission to bid in your auction and can decide whether or not to accept the winning bid. Winning bid amounts can benefit a charitable cause, be put toward the cost of the date or whatever. It's up to the Auctioned Person to decide. DateTrade does not facilitate the transfer of these funds.

DateTrade also offers a more mainstream online dating experience in its Personals section. There you can search for people close by or meet other DateTrade members from around the world.

DateTrade's mission is simply to create a fun opportunity to connect you with people you might not otherwise have the chance to meet.