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Welcome to DateTrade


What is a DateTrade auction?

DateTrade auctions allow bidders to compete for the opportunity to meet the Auctioned Person for a date.

How do I post an auction?

Sign in to DateTrade (you'll need to register first if you haven't already done so, but it's fast, easy and free). Upload some photos, write a few lines about yourself and then click the "SELL" button at the top of the page. You'll then step through the auction setup process. Your auction won't display publicly until you complete all the steps, including an admin review of your profile.

Am I allowed to offer sex for money in my auction listing?

No. Don't even try to hint at it.

What is a Public Auction?

A Public Auction on DateTrade is an auction in which bidding is open to all DateTrade members.

What is a Private Auction?

A Private Auction on DateTrade is an auction in which bidding is restricted to DateTrade members who have requested and been given the Auctioned Person's permission to bid.

Why do some Private Auctions display information about the price and bid history and others do not?

Auctioned Persons who choose the Private Auction option are also asked to decide whether they want the bid history to be visible to everyone or only to those who have been given permission to bid.

What are Featured Auctions?

Featured Auctions (as opposed to Standard Auctions) are rotated through a box that displays to a worldwide audience above the auction search list. Featured auctions are also highlighted in search results. Standard Auctions, on the contrary, are constrained within search results by the seacher's location setting.

Why does the auction clock say "Estimated Time Remaining"?

Depending on the bidding activity in the final 30 seconds of the auction, extra time may or may not be added to the auction clock. A change in the person occupying the position of Current High Bidder in the final 30 seconds of the auction causes 1 minute to be added to the auction clock. Time on the auction clock can be extended UP TO 2 times for a possible total of 2 extra minutes.

What is a Charity Auction?

In a Charity Auction the Auctioned Person is choosing to donate the winning bid amount to charity. DateTrade does not facilitate or oversee the transfer of funds to charity. Charitable donations depend on the participants of the auction acting in good faith to do what they say they will do.

How does the Auctioned Person know the Winning Bidder will pay the winning bid amount?

DateTrade does not facilitate the transfer of funds between the Winning Bidder and Auctioned Person. We assume that the auction participants will act in good faith to do what they signaled they were willing to do. DateTrade will not be held liable if the Winning Bidder fails to pay the winning bid amount. In Private Auctions, when would-be bidders request permission to bid, they have the opportunity to, for a fee, send the Auctioned Person a virtual gift. The Auctioned Person might use that Virtual Gift (or absence of a Virtual Gift) as an indicator of what kind of bidder the requester will be.

How do the Winning Bidder and Auctioned Person know that the other party will show for the date?

Hopefully, in the overwhelming majority of cases, things go according to plan, but DateTrade does not and cannot guarantee that people will always show up for dates.

What happens when time runs out on the auction clock?

When time runs out on the auction clock, the bidder with the highest bid becomes the Winning Bidder. DateTrade sends the Auctioned Person an email notification that tells who the Winning Bidder is as well as the winning bid amount. The Auctioned Person is prompted to accept or decline the winning bid. DateTrade then sends the Winning Bidder a notification email informing him/her of the Auctioned Person's decision. If the Auctioned Person's decision was to accept the winning bid, then the Winning Bidder and Auction Person should contact each other to arrange their date. If, on the other hand, the Auction Person's decision was to decline the winning bid, the process ends there and there will be no date.

If I bid in an auction, will other people be able to identify me as a bidder?

When you bid in an auction, the Auctioned Person will be able to see that you have bid. The Auctioned Person's view of his/her own bid history will show your full username, which will link back to your profile. Anyone other than the Auctioned Person who views the bid history will see usernames that each have all the but the first and last character replaced by asterisks. Those disguised usernames will not link back to the bidder's profile.

What are bid increments?

A bid increment is the minimum amount by which your bid will be raised. Bid increments vary and are determined based on the Current High Bid. The DateTrade bid increment schedule is as follows:

Current High Bid Bid Increment
$1.00 - $24.99 $0.50
$25.00 - $99.99 $1.00
$100.00 - $249.99 $2.50
$250.00 - $499.99 $5.00
$500.00 - $999.99 $10.00
$1000.00 - $2499.99 $25.00
$2500.00 - $4999.99 $50.00
$5000.00 and up $100.00

What is automatic bidding (proxy bidding)?

When you place a bid on DateTrade you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for that date. DateTrade will then place bids on your behalf. DateTrade will only bid as much as is necessary for you to remain the Current High Bidder, up to your Maximum Bid. If another bidder submits a bid that is higher than your Maximum Bid, as long as there is time remaining on the auction clock, you can always increase your Maximum Bid.


What is the Personals section of DateTrade?

The Personals section of DateTrade is an area where users can maintain profiles of their own and view and interact with profiles of other people. Personals is DateTrade's more mainstream online dating feature. The Personals section gives users an area to exist and interact without ever having to participate in either side of an auction. Of course, users of DateTrade Personals can also enjoy the auction section.

How do I send a message to someone in the Personals section?

Before you can message another user in the Personals section, you and the other user have to be a Match. To initiate this process, click the Meet button in the upper right corner of the profile. When asked if you want to meet him/her, click the Yes button. If the other user also clicks Yes on you, you will be a Match and be able to exchange messages. You can also send that other user a virtual gift to increase your chances of becoming a Match.

What is my Wish List?

Your Wish List is a list of all the DateTrade members whose profiles you have clicked Yes on but who have not yet clicked Yes on your profile. These are the people you "wish" to meet.


Can I post nude photos of myself on DateTrade?

No. Please keep your privates covered.

Why was my profile suspended?

Profile suspensions result from violations of the DateTrade Terms of Use. If your profile gets suspended it's probably because you posted content that is in some way inappropriate or offensive. This includes, but is not limited to posting nude, pornographic or otherwise obscene images, posting profiles that appear to be spam, displaying personal contact information on your profile page, or displaying hate speech. Common sense on this one is your best guide.

What are DateTrade moderators?

Moderators are DateTrade members who help review pending Personals profiles. The purpose of having community moderators is to ensure that profiles are approved in a timely manner while guarding against inappropriate user-submitted content being displayed publicly on DateTrade. DateTrade moderators perform a valuable service on the site and get to see content that doesn't necessarily ever display publicly.

How do I become a DateTrade moderator?

To become a DateTrade moderator, sign in to DateTrade, and select the "Moderate" menu option in the "MY DATETRADE" drop-down menu. You will then be presented with a short quiz that tests your understanding of moderator responsibilities. After you pass the quiz, the admin will need to approve you as an active moderator. Once that is done, the next time you click the "Moderate" menu option in the "MY DATETRADE" drop-down menu you will be shown pending profiles to review and take action on.

What is a Star Member?

A Star Member is a DateTrade user who enjoys unlimited messaging privileges for the duration of his/her Star Membership. Star Members can send and receive messages to and from any other user on DateTrade, regardless of that other user's membership type.

How do I know if someone is a Star Member?

Profiles of Star Members display a star. Gold Star Members have subscribed for 1 year. Silver Star Members have subscribed for 3 months. Red Star Members haves subscribed for 1 month.

What is a Standard Member?

A Standard Member is any DateTrade user who is not a Star Member. Standard Members can send and receive messages to and from Star Members at no cost to the Standard Member. A Standard Member cannot contact another Standard Member without paying a fee.

What are one-time messages?

A Standard Member who does not wish to upgrade to Star Membership, but who wants to contact another Standard Member may do so by paying a one-time fee to send a single message.

What are Virtual Gifts?

Virtual Gifts are various icons that can be sent from one DateTrade user to another. In particular, when attempting to form a Match in Personals or requesting to bid in a Private Auction, a Virtual Gift can be sent to help make a favorable impression. The recipient is notified by email of the Virtual Gift's arrival and shown a link to the sender's profile.

Can I send and receive messages for free?

Sometimes. If you see another member with a star displaying on their profile (Star Member) you can receive messages from them and reply to those messages free of charge. You can also initiate contact with a Star Member simply by composing and sending a message yourself. If a Standard Member wants to send a message to another Standard Member (no star on profile), there is a small fee.

What is your refund policy?

We want all our users to feel that they've been treated fairly and will consider the reasonableness of all requests. That said, it is our strong preference to not issue refunds; there is a cost to us to receive the money from you as well as another cost to send it back to you. You can make wide use of the site without ever having to pay anything at all, so if you think you want to upgrade your membership or purchase a Virtual Gift, please be certain before doing so.

I did not receive a registration confirmation email. What do I do?

Click the "Can't access your account?" link below the Sign In fields. You will then be shown a link that allows you to resend the confirmation email. If that doesn't work, you can contact us.