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Welcome to DateTrade


DateTrade's signature feature is its auction. Any registered DateTrade user can list a date for auction. That user is the Auctioned Person. Auctions can be either public or private. In public auctions bidding is open to all DateTrade users. In private auctions, would-be bidders must request and be given the Auctioned Person's permission to bid. Auctions can be for the benefit of a charitable cause, or not; it's up to the Auctioned Person to decide. When time on the auction clock runs out, the bidder with the highest bid is the Winning Bidder. The Auctioned Person is then asked to decide whether to accept or decline the winning bid. If the Auctioned Person declines the winning bid, the process ends there. If, on the other hand, the Auctioned Person accepts the winning bid, the Auctioned Person and Winning Bidder can contact each other to arrange the details of their date.

DateTrade does not facilitate the transfer of funds between the Winning Bidder and Auctioned Person. DateTrade is not responsible for nonpayment of winning bids or for failure of either the Auctioned Person or Winning Bidder to show up for the date.

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Personals is DateTrade's more mainstream online dating feature. Here users can maintain a profile, view profiles of others and send virtual gifts and messages to one another. In this way people can exist and interact on DateTrade without ever participating in either side of an auction.

Before two users can message each other in the Personals section, they have to be a "Match". The process of becoming a Match begins when one user (User X) clicks the "Meet" button on the profile of User Y and indicates a desire to meet User Y. At this point User Y would be on the Wish List of User X. If User Y also indicates a desire to meet User X, User X and User Y become a Match, they appear on each other's Matches list and they can send messages to one another. Along the way users can send virtual gifts to other users they're interested in meeting. Virtual gifts can help you get noticed and draw attention back to your profile. When you send a virtual gift, the recipient of the gift gets an email alerting him/her to the gift's arrival.