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Welcome to DateTrade

Please follow these guidelines when sending messages on DateTrade.

General Guidelines

Please send messages that are honest, respectful and polite.

Use proper grammar.

Be mindful of the length or your messages. One or two word messages show a lack of care and effort; excessively long messages can be overwhelming and a turnoff. Try to strike a balance.

Introduce yourself and try to establish a bit of rapport before asking for a real name.

Demonstrate that you read the profile of the person you're messaging. It shows genuine interest. Maybe ask a question or two based on what was shared in the profile.

Consider revealing something interesting about yourself.

Don't appear to be overly focused on looks. You don't want to come across as shallow.

Don't be arrogant, rude or use foul language.

Don't immediately ask for "pics" or a phone number.

Don't use nicknames or pet names without knowing the person.

Don't send multiple messages in succession. It comes off as desperate and creepy. If you send someone a message and they do not reply, accept they might not be interested in you.

Don't use hate speech or make threats of any kind. Doing so will result in you being banned from the website.

Prohibited Messages

Using DateTrade to send messages that promote any illegal commercial activities (such as prostitution) is prohibited.

Do not make any offers or requests for sex in exchange for money in your messages on DateTrade. If you receive any such messages on DateTrade, please report them to us.

If you are found to be sending messages on DateTrade for illicit purposes, you will be banned from the website and may face criminal prosecution.

If you have any reason whatsoever to believe that you have received a message from a minor or from someone who is being exploited or exploiting another person, please report that to us immediately and contact law enforcement.

DateTrade will proactively and aggressively cooperate with law enforcement in investigating any suspected instances of human trafficking on the DateTrade website.