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Welcome to DateTrade

Please follow these guidelines when creating your DateTrade profile.


First and foremost, promoting any illegal commercial activities (such as prostitution) is prohibited. No offers or requests (explicit or implicit) of sex for money or other valuable consideration are permitted on DateTrade. Attempting to use DateTrade for this purpose will get you permanently banned from the site. DateTrade is strictly an online dating service for people who are looking for dates. The DateTrade Auction is merely a game in which DateTrade members can bid for the opportunity to win a first date.

Please do not use profane language, hate speech or make threats of any kind on your profile.

Displaying personal contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers or information about how to connect with you on other social media services is not allowed.

Please be honest, respectful, fun and creative when writing your profile.


DateTrade strives to allow its users to express themselves openly and creatively, but must put certain limitations on the kinds of images that can be displayed on the site. The following images are prohibited in all instances and may not be included on your DateTrade profile:

  • Nudity or pornography
  • Overly sexual or explicit photos
  • Sheer (see-through) clothing that reveals body parts otherwise constituting nudity
  • Extreme close ups
  • Personal contact information - do not include email addresses, URLs, phone numbers, Facebook or other social network links, your full name, or any similar information on your photos
  • Photos you have posted on other social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) An image search of these photos posted on your DateTrade profile may allow unwanted people to easily find you.
  • Watermarked images
  • Cartoons or artwork that you did not create
  • Photos containing babies or children
  • Stock photos
  • Violence of any kind
  • Weapons
  • Drug use or illegal activity
  • Copyrighted images, trademarked images, and any images that you do not own
  • Photos or images of models, celebrities, sports teams, or miscellaneous photos downloaded from the web

Please don't upload prohibited photos to your DateTrade profile. In order to protect the integrity of the DateTrade community we reserve the right to block your access to DateTrade if you upload prohibited photos.

Thank you for using DateTrade responsibly and respecting these guidelines.